World Digital Farming Technology: Contractual Vs Owner Race of Digital Fields

Digital Farming

Digital Farming Technology & Production

In present time every person who is using technology are involve in digital farming. Some people have big farms some have small and many of us have taken digital farms on contract basis. In digital farming we can grow digital plants or anything which is not possible in real life. Obviously its growth depends on favorable environment. I did try to think being a digital farmer that how digital farming can impact on us and how one can increase its productivity?

source url In straight way, many of us are spiritually involve in digital sources; like a social, e-commerce, technical or any other informative website. We spent our time religiously there to like,dislike, comments, review or read and writing the contents and comments. What is digital farming and what is its relevance?

Social Media: a contractual farmer’s field

5d83be98e45f7ff73ddec266eeb9b2a2 Every person try to keep a smart mobile phone along with internet connectivity. As we know that mobile phone is a device primarily for the use of oral communications. Also, second best use of it is to share the digital contents and to take the information in terms of text, picture and videos. No doubt the device is solving other then problems also and an important part of every life.

comment rencontrer femme islam Now the question comes, how we are doing digital farming? Yes! you know for seasonal crop we need physical fields, seed, plants, fertilizer and obviously water. Water may be from natural sources or by tube wells, rivers, etc.

rencontrer quelqu'un après une rupture In social media (like Facebook, twitter, you tube, linked in, Instagram, etc) we create a platform for ourselves. We define our social identity to get and share the contents through a big social platform. Means a small field with our digital identity and start to plant or put seeds on that. We remain very curious and serious to put the contents which can attract the digital customers so called friends. The taste of digital fruit by an individual member of friends list decide the output of digital crop’s. This remains in terms of like, dislike and comments.

enter Here, you have taken the field on contract basis with some terms and conditions. It means this is not your field but you are using some one’s field to grow the plants. As you know the permanent trees are not your property in the field but you can feed them water etc for shadow purpose. Big tree are space for the advertisement of owner and you may like, dislike, comment or share it with others, so it grows. You can grow your digital plants i.e. your contents which you want to grow with their terms and conditions. But here you can’t grow permanent trees for physical output.

When you do digital farming on contract basis its not always a profitable. You are managing your farm, personally taking care of, growing and extended to that. Yes! it is good for the owner. You spending your time to create the contents and other activities for the owner. The owner is always thankful to this digital farmer to enhance the business, to extends its reach, to know more about other small farmer. This digital information that is called data is helpful to manipulate other seasonable crops.

So, here I just told about the field, plants and seed and now I will share with you one more important parameter that is water. Like in real life we observe the rainy season same happens in digital farming. As I have shared here the duration of crop depends on how you are taking the productions output. It may be for some seconds, minutes, hour or for some days. In the same way here water flows 24 hours but rain water timing is fix.

Now its not necessary to tell that who is the in charge or master of rainy season in digital farming. May be you have an idea now, like in real life GOD Indra is in charge and a season is fix for it. Similarly the big digital farmer knows that at what time most of the farmers are in field and what type of rain water they have to spread on fields. Its an open exercise to check that at what time you receive most of the messages in terms of rain. Is that time of morning or evening? So just check and help to grow the big and permanent trees.

Websites: owner of digital fields & farming

You buy a piece of land and starts farming on that, irrespective to size of land what ever you grows on to that, its your crop. You can plant small size tree or big its  your choice. How you will extend the land size obviously you will decide. What type of crop you want to take from it its your choice. What type of water sources you have select for plants you will decide.

Everything is related to you and your choices, your interests. You can ask someone to do farming on your land. Either you can share equal parts or as you decide. You can give some space for advertisement i.e. permanent trees for this land. You can distribute the production of digital crop at free of cost to the people. Or you can take charges from that to take the products of your land.


Like in real farming we use pesticides, fertilizers to grow the plants and to take more out put in terms of the products from that crop. Big digital farmers uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to grow the website and more reach to the small or contractual digital farmers.

But everyone prefer to the organic fruits and vegetables, means pure soil and its nutrients for the plants.

Load & Carrier in digital farming

Very interesting situation when you ask a contractual farmer to put your crop for a moment means you tag him/her with your digital content. Have you observed, how many times your post appear on his/her timeline? A person in your friend list is associated with big number of contractual digital farmers. You ask or tag to him to put your contents digital products on his/her timeline means in digital field. How easily he/she allows you to do that?

Is this tagging or sharing an information on any person’s social media timelines, seems like a real life load? May be yes for most of the people, it is a kind of load that people observe when they thinks about to it. Many of them have a kind of fear like they are allowing some illegal items in house. Yes it should be because we are connected to each other socially with a reputation.

Then what other process are available to carry the products/digital content of my fields/website in market/society for the sell and advertisement?

One thing is very clear the contractual field’s digital farmer feel and face most load of the advertisement. Which they are there suppose to do this kind of work. Also, spending enough time on such platforms they don’t get anything permanently and works on under the terms and condition always.

While on the other hand those who have their own websites plays a role like big farmer and always try to buy space or by force to put their contents on contractual fields. This happens because they knows about output of their field(s).


So, in conclusion, we all are digital farmers who are farming digitally. Many more are working on contractual fields while some on their own fields. The owner of digital lands are using effectively the contractual fields farmers for their products. In this digital farming we have to be very sensitive about to our social life and behavior. This should not be affected by the digital farming and its products.


These are personal thoughts of the author on his experience in the digital world, if anywhere any sentence raise a question or relevant to someone’s thought it will be just a coincidence. This article is just to make aware about the social activity and its impact on our behavior. No any intention to harm any one related or associated with the post. Please message in comment box for any point or email to me.

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