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Viva Questions Stewart and Gee's Method Experiment

Stewart and Gee’s Method

Determination of Magnetic Field along the Axis of a Current Carrying Circular Coil 1Q. What is the magnetic induction formula at a point x, away from the center of the circular coil?

follow url 2Q. What will be the Magnetic field value at the center of a current carrying coil?

buy Seroquel without a rx 3Q. Does earth’s horizontal magnetic field value remain same everywhere or it fluctuates?

4Q.What are the two factors to calculate the earth’s horizontal magnetic field value online (

go to site 5Q. The angle which you measure by the Deflection Magnetometer is with reference to the earth’s magnetic field component or the magnetic field produced by current carrying coil? 6Q. Why do you put apparatus (Wooden Frame along with circular coil) in East-West Direction?

enter site 7Q. What is commutator and what its role in experiment?

offre emploi site de rencontre 8Q. What is he difference between Helmholtz coil and Solenoidal?

mа“б‘te single i stavanger 9Q. What is the relation between Gauss and Tesla?

10Q. What is the unit of magnetic field intensity H?

11Q. When you plot the graph in between the tan theta and distance, you observe Gaussian type shape of the curve. On this curve you find the points of inflection what is the formula for that?

12Q. The magnetic field of induction increases one side of the center and decreases on other sides. Can we create the uniform magnetic field with the help of this concept?

13Q. How many turns (50, 100, 500, 1000, etc)  you have used in your experiments in the current carrying coil?

14Q. Can you perform the experiment by using the Alternating Current?

15Q. Do you feel any application of this experiment?


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