Viva Questions pn Junction diode Characteristics

pn junction diode characteristics

P-N Junction Diode

To draw the characteristics means behavior of current in forward and reverse bias of a semiconductor junction diode. This semiconductor diode either made by silicon or germanium which have atomic number Z=14 or Z=32 respectively. There are some questions related to this science experiment, these can help you to understand its working better.
If you found any question unanswerable you can ask me, I will help you.

Viva questions:

1Q. What is semiconductor material?

2Q. Wat is difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor?

3Q. What are trivalent and pentavalent impurities?

4Q. Tell names at least of three most used tri- and penta-valent impurities?

5Q. What is depletion region how it is formed?

6Q. What is diffusion of charge?

7Q. What do you mean by majority and minority charge carrier?

8Q. In n-type semiconductor what are majority charge carrier?

9Q. In n-type semiconductor what are minority charge carrier?

10Q. In p-type semiconductor what are majority charge carrier?

11Q.In p-type semiconductor what are minority charge carrier?

12Q. What do you understand by forward and reverse bias, show it by circuit diagram?

13Q. What is knee voltage for silicon and germanium semiconductors?

14Q. How semiconductor atoms join with the neighbor atom?

15Q. Which bond semiconductor atoms develop among them for stable configuration.


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