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To determine the frequency of the vibrator using Melde’s Experiment

Viva Questions

1Q. What do you mean by progressive waves?

2Q. Are longitudinal and Transverse waves are progressive waves?

3Q. How Stationary wave forms?

4Q. What are nodes and antinodes in stationary wave?

5Q. Does stationary wave and standing wave concepts are same?

6Q. What is distance between any two nodes and antinodes in terms of wavelength? How much is that?

7Q. What is the relation between velocity of wave, tension and linear density of thread?

8Q. What is the formula to calculate the frequency of the vibrator?

9Q. Can you determine the frequency of AC by using the vibrator in the Melde’s Experiment?

10Q. What is the unit of frequency?

11Q. What do you understand about the resonance ?

12Q. What is the Alternating Current Frequency in India?

13Q. Does AC frequency is same in India and USA?

14Q. Does variation in mass on pan can vary the wavelength of standing wave?

15Q. What are the main precautions of this experiment, can you use the thin wire of steel instead of thread in this experiment?

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