Experiment Viva Questions How to determine wavelength of the He Ne laser light by using Michelson Interferometer

Viva Questions

1Q. What is Interference?

2Q. What is the condition for Interference?

3Q. What are LASER properties and what do you mean by a Coherent Source?

4Q. Why you are using the LASER (monochromatic source) why not bulb or sunlight, tube light?

5Q. What is the role of a semi-silvered glass plate and why one keep it at 45 degrees?

6Q. How do you think that semi-silvered glass plate will look like?

7Q. Why do you keep compensating plate in the path of the light ray, is it transparent or semi-silvered plate?

8Q.  What about its thickness? is it of same thickness or varies place to place?

9Q. What is the relation between path difference and phase difference?

10Q. Which one is fixed mirror M1 or M2?

11Q. M1 and M2 mirror is at 90 degree or more?

12Q. Where forms the image of the M2 mirror by semi-silvered glass plate?

13Q. Where thin film of air forms and how?

14Q. How one can change the thickness of thin air film?

15Q. How the two light rays which satisfy the interfere condition at eyepiece forms?

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