Three years before when I was using my desk jet printer at home it was very annoying for me to carry the cartridge at computer shop and asking to him to refill black and color ink in cartridge for reuse it. Two times I have purchased new one reason these were not filled on time and became dry from inside. In this situation computer hardware expert refuse to fill it. No doubt it was costly assignment to give him some bucks after 20-30 days. I was upset and thinking to buy laser printer, this man who refill the ink was not filling the ink in my presence and always ask to come after 30 minutes….I thought it will be time consuming game, so i accept it. Later I thought to search it on google how to refill the ink in cartridge specially in HP 802, because it was my requirement.

Refill the ink in HP 802 Cartridge-Part 1


When I saw some video it was clear to me that what they were doing. I
just search ink and succession tools online and give the order to buy
these items. I refilled the ink in cartridge and it was really success
for me who was using printing frequently at home and children also. It
was not only cost effective but saved my time also. I have started to
refill the ink in cartridge myself and made a video of this process,
there are two parts of the video, in first one the simple explanation
about the components which I have used. while in second one I told that
how one can fill the ink in cartridge with some precautions.
have mention the link to purchase the equipment used in this process,
buy anyone after checking the proper specifications and customers
comments on the page of products for best use. I have just suggest if
you also face the same problem with your desk jet printer. Its useful
and cheap too.

Refill the ink in HP 802 Cartridge-Part2 (MAIN VIDEO)



In this video, I have simplified the way of refilling the ink in  to the inkjet cartridge hp 802 at home. For this, you keep with you color bottles (which you can purchase separately from AMAZON or any store), usually these are four (black, blue, yellow and magenta). The arrangement which you have to make in advance is  four syringes for each color, some tissue papers, hand gloves and shallow tape.Now, first of all cover the portion of table where you are filling the ink either by plastic paper or some other thick paper so your table remain clean after refilling the ink.
Now use a shallow tape and fix it on the circuit appear from outside on the cartridge, second, remove the paper/sticker from it a small portion from corners easily. After that you will see the hole made for inserting the ink. Usually symbol for the color already remains on the sticker, (so without removing the sticker you can inject the ink making sure the hole position on to the cartridge surface) fill the syringe of particular color and inject in to the allowed hole. You can fill in 4-5 ml black ink and 3-4ml color ink in the cartridge.
After filling the ink in a particular section or hole, you should cover it properly. If sticker is not pasting properly, then use tape and fix it on that portion instead of sticker, so ink from the hole don’t flow outside.
After that clean it by tissue paper and remove the shallow tape from the connections (first one). Removing the ink from cartridge, use tissue papers till that normal flow don’t stop. clean it properly. Now the cartridge is ready to mount on the section of your printer.
You can save more than 85% money by refilling the ink at home and it is easy also.
This method (way of refilling the ink) you can use for any of the refill cartridges, whether that is of HP, Canon or OEM Epson with any serial number.

NOTE: Before you buy please check the compatibility of ink with the cartridge and other specifications, comments of other customers on the page of product. Below are just suggested links;

A. Buy Black ink from Amazon:

B. Ink club Ink Suction Tool Cleaning Kit:

C. Set of black and color ink:

D. To purchase the new cartridge click here: