In this video I have just try to explain that why almost all the spiritual activities are preferred in the cities of India which are situated on the bank of river specially right of the rivers (some are exceptional due to some other reason like migration of the path, etc.)?
This explanation is based on an analogy based on Biot-Savart’s Law (What could be the painful to more than this that thousands year before developed science is seen through the window of just 200-250 yrs before develop physical sciences……and still many question marks……)  
All the ancient architecture of India is based on scientific facts, specially temples a spiritual places across the river. The yoga and meditation are the ornament of a person’s life and our Monk, Rishis and Maharishis always give preference to do yoga and meditation early in the morning across the river. The reason of it is because the water flows this time in stream line without any disturbance (Comparatively to day time), in addition to the large amount of oxygen in suurounding. 
Our ancestor were very scientific, they were aware about the natural and supernatural forces (different type of fields). The astronomy was very advance and they were also aware about the radiation of different planet and that effects on body also, because of that they suggested some stone to wear for the person according to astrology birth chart, means a complete knowledge about the natural materials and the radiation of a particular planet (how they studied it …is again a subject of matter).    
So here by using an analogy, I have just tried to understand that what happens when we do yoga and meditation near to the river in early morning, when water flows in stream line. This analogy is based on the Biot-Savart’s Law which explain the direction and magnitude of the magnetic field which produces because of the stream flow of current in a conductor i.e. steady state current. The magnitude depends on some parameters like length of the wire, amount of the current, the angle between flow of current and the point where you want to determine the magnetic field and the distance. In the right hand side of the conductor (if current flowing in upward direction along the length of wire) the magnetic field is inward direction means enter into the plane. While on the otherhand this is outward means comes out from the plane. The nature of this force can be studied on the basis of some basic laws and by putting a magnetic source there. One can say that on the plane where these magnetic field lines enter seems that are coming from the North pole.

For the spiritual activities of a person near to the river in early morning I have used the above idea. I found an analogy between stream flow of water and its effect on human body and Biot-Savart’s Law which was developed in 1820 for the study of magnetic field across the current carrying conductor.

It is very interesting the Jean Baptiste Biot who developed the above law for magnetism was an astronomer and he was aware about the Indian astronomy through the “Surya Siddhanta” in which astronomy was discussed completely by the Indian. The above law was developed in his last days. (Ref: Indian Journal of History of Science 35.4 (2000)319-346) 

In this discussion I have put conductor as a river, current equivalent to the flow of water and point at which we determines the magnetic field is the position of a person. So after making this analogy, my purpose was to explain positive change (spiritual changes) in the physical body because body have 2/3 portion of water, where water molecules are in polar form. So, I thinks that the stream water flow field try to align the water molecule in a particular direction like in the magnetic materials the external magnetic field interact with the atomic dipole of the magnetic materials. Hence an electric polarization (because of the polar form of water molecule) develops in the body which create further the potential differences, which further support to the high current in the body means high energy level of a person. A positive or spiritual changes in the life of a person.
Disclaimer: These are my personal points just on analogy based not to hurt any person or culture at any angle. Just an effort to understand the science with latest scientific facts. Please ignore if you find any discrepancy at any point or please give your remarks so I can improve that point from the angle of science.