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Welcome to the apniPhysics Support Center


What is apniPhysics?

apniPhysics was started by Dr. Sushil Kumar, a teacher, and researcher to support the students for providing the physics and related contents through articles and videos.

How I can receive the information about the contents?

Just signup or subscribe the newsletter through the email id.

How often I update the article?

No fix time but usually, I update weekly

Can we ask the question or suggest the topic?


How I can suggest the topic or can ask the question?

You can use the contact form or can write directly to me at

Do I charge for any service?


How much time do I take to make the video of the suggested topic?

Depends on the availability of time

Can we also donate the money?

Yes, you can provide through pay pal so I can keep continuing, but no tax benefit to you for the help.

What is my PayPal account?

This link is given in footer

Why do I need support?

First thing creating the content is the time-consuming process, I use teaching tools (hardware and software) to make the content. Web domain and hosting everything is paid. If I get a small support it can help me to update quality content with the latest technology like animation, simulation, etc.

How I can help you to create the simulation contents for you?

Just write an email to me I will provide the information