Importance of a Mentor:

A Mentor In the present time develops the relationship between students and teachers based on academic and cultural activities. The teacher explains the subject provides the short cut methods, short tricks and simplified notes for the complex subject. Do these things are important only in the student’s life?
Except these, are there no other factors, for which we have to think? Does a mentor is not required in addition to the teaching and learning process relationship? Does only knowledge of the subject is important to factor in the student’s life?

Student Life

Sometimes students get diverted from their own natural track and in that stage they are not able to judge the situation correctly, that what is wrong and what is right. They don’t know what is good or bad for them sometimes in his life. They don’t know how to develop their own character? Emotionally there are so many things where one student feels and expects proper guidance from a mentor.
But no mentor is available to guide him for the right path and help to judge about good and bad points of his life. We generally as a teacher keep our focus on the academic results of the students. Does the result is more important than the emotional support or other related factors which are associated with the life of a student. So my point is in addition to the teacher and student’s relationship through the academic system (learning and its outcome) a mentor also plays an important role in the student’s life.
At the present time, our education system is running by the examination patterns and experiments on it. Does in the student’s life, to clear an examination is the main motto of his life? Does only scientific knowledge of the surroundings are important?

Student Portal

We all know that we are a social person of society we have some social responsibility too. Does for the students those social values which are part of lives have provided at the school/college/university plate form? Do they provide such a plate form? Does when the student was emotionally weak someone helps him, support him or is there any supporting system?
When the student was searching the right track for his life, does it was not necessary to help him for the right track? Does it was approachable for the students? Does it was not necessary when the student gets diverted and starts to lose their moral values, that time it was not necessary to help him by moral values supporting the system?
Does it is not necessary to keep the check on values regularly of the student’s life along with academic performance? Should not it be a system may there where students get some help and build a good character along with good academic performance? So in addition to the teacher student’s relationship, there is one more important relationship that is of “mentorship” in the student’s life. i.e. a mentor.
For example, in my life a mentor guides me at the right time and at the right place and tells me that these are the weaknesses; these are the wrong points/habits which you have to improve in your life. Why do not I will accept those suggestions and instructions, I will happily accept and will improve my life for a positive change which supposes to come in my life for the betterment of the society?

Student Mentor Connection

I have a question from the bottom of the heart, why not in the life of a student from the beginning comes the role of moral values supporting the system by a mentor which develops the student for a good character? Many times a student faces the difficulty to search the right track for his life, for selecting the right path to get a higher education, for the right carrier and job.
The student generally struggles for the right track because of non-awareness, lack of knowledge of the concerned field in his surroundings. There is no help, no mentor for the students. Maximum students from the primary to higher education pass their course (s), class (s) and collect the degree (s) without any support or help of the mentor (s). Is it not a surprise for society?
Now, the question is from where these students take the feedback or guidance? Actually, these are the people of his surroundings, relatives; neighbors from them students take the help, who rarely are aware of the potential and problem of the students. These students have no other options except to take guidance from them at that time for his problem(s).

Sustainable Development by Mentor

So a mentor is who can help the students along with the academic performance and can support him to build his character socially, intellectually and professionally? This means such a system, such a person, such a relationship that can help him to develop the character of the students, can focus on his personal growth instead of discussing the academic results. Does it is not important, if sometimes a student gets de-motivated, he help him to boost their energy, encourage him, inspired him for a better life?
Does it is not necessary that there should be a person who is approachable to the students, who understand him emotionally? Shall not it happen in a student’s life that one may keep a check on his emotional growth in addition to the academic performance too?  For such things, how to check the progress of a student and who should be that person?
How to select that person who can guide a student and help them in his way, which one student demands? It is only a person enough in his life to check all the progress of life or one may need more than one mentor, who can help him to build character and professional life.
  • There should be a system that can regularly check the character development process of the student, motivate him for different areas of expertise and understand his problems.
  • A mentor may help him with a higher education approach and encourage the right paths. The mentor may help him with the good carriers?
  • There should be no such things in the student’s life that they waste their time to learn that thing which can be provided to him by his mentor on his experience basis.
  • The mentor may be different for different purposes.
  • But if you are not able to search the right mentor for you then search different general books read to the number of times, follow them, study them.
  • The books are the best guide and friends too. They will also help you in the same way as a mentor.
  • So don’t run in the race of life alone, work under the supervision of a mentor and try to be a mentor also.