What we are teaching and what they are learning? A person who imparts the information among a group of members, with a different variety. Is he a teacher? Does he judge the information from where it is taken or its impact on the group of members in a positive and negative way? Does he add the human values, social values when he shares the information among the group of members? Here, this is true that a teacher imparts the information among the students, but he always judges the source, observes the impact, adds the human values to build up the level of students and the members of the group for a better society, where he is imparting the information.
Before imparting the information, a teacher reads the number of books and check the authenticity of books and writer then he start and follow the book(s). In student or general life, a person listens, read and by watching collect the information, which sometimes may be related to the heart, an emotional. If he/she received the same as was of its purpose without analysis of that, then it might be one can set the mind on the basis of that information. Which might be good or bad for both, society as well as the person. A mindset about the perspective of a situation depends on it that what information are have with that person, from where these are taken, what was the source? A so-called teacher who just throw the information and not judge the intensity of the same, may harmful to society. A teacher always motivates the students, help them where the students feel they are incompetent to solve the social or scientific problem. A student who is capable to solve the problem and have good and high values can not go against the social values.So a teacher not only impart the knowledge through information also observe too that what they are learning….. it means a student make his concept by the information he received and execute the concept in physical objects (Invention). If the values are high then the product will be beneficial for the society but if not the product may harm to the society.  So here I have focused on what we are teaching and what they are learning is just to explore its one angle in terms of the real information, knowledge and human values.

For national integrity, high social values, one have to judge the information. Otherwise, the people who will receive the information or imparts, take that meaning in different perspective sometimes good and sometimes bad or it might be they will interpret it is with his/her social values, according to the society in which they have grown.