Students Learning in Classroom

I have tried to give a hint about the importance of classroom in student’s life. How classroom parameters can help us in our real life. These parameters are not small and play an important role in our life.

Attendance in Classroom

  • Importance of Time
  • Regularity

I understand that I have focused here on very few parameters, many others are also equally important. The main points which are taken here are given below. The first thing which we face is the regular attendances in the classroom. This is not just to fulfill the minimum criteria to sit in examination of an institute but for the sake of regularity in life for any work.

Assignment Submission and Solution of Tute Sheet

  • Importance of Group members
  • Development of vision and problem solving approach

Second point is about to the solutions of unsolved problems. What approaches you used to solve, how do you solve, whom help you take, how do you discuss in a group? All these things matter for the students. Today’s assignment problem may take in future a different shape of the student’s life. If he/she is aware that how he/she can solve the problem? how he/she can work in a group? Who one can support or not, it matters for the future.

Also, to solve the problems sometimes direct approaches are not useful so one use tricks. These tricks provide a new angle to the mind to think in different direction too. It is not necessary that all problems of assignment solved directly, some may take longer time too. You don’t leave them, because you are sure that some where is the solution of it.


Question Asking & Reply

  • Confidence
  • Way of presentation

Most of the times what happen, people remains interesting to know about the things. But they hesitate to ask the question. They feel shyness in front of people and because of that couldn’t ask the questions. Means loses the confidence and when they reply, language remains unorganized. So no clarity in thoughts

Class Test

  • Focus
  • Balance of thought
  • Self Introspection

Test is a process by which students get developed in many ways.  They prepare for examinations, means try to  concentrate mind. By this way they try to focus only on the study. They try to develop their senses, efficiency and vision too.

Not only they develop concentration of mind but also develop balance of mind with any positive or negative thoughts. Here, one important point is that every student try for their life i.e. self- introspection. At the time of result of test or any other exams every one try. But why only very few take negative results as a challenge?

Your Presence in the Classroom is Solution of Future’s Life

  • Listening
  • Watching
  • Interaction ability

What a student learn in the classroom? Does he came just to see the solutions of complex problems, explanation of some physical concepts and derivations, how better we present?

Obviously No!! when he sit in the classroom, he listen, watch and interact with your material. He develops these qualities he keep patience when he listen, observe the figures, derivation and thinks about to them. In this process when he feel doubt or confusion interact with the surrounding or with you.

These qualities make students efficient/perfect in their future profession.

Observe the fact & mistakes

  • Taking the instructions lightly of the superiors and/or flexibility to perform the duty. The job Irregularity, some times present, sometime absent at the work station.
  • Imperfections in work, lack of practices.
  • Delayed at every work, leave most of the action/things on tomorrow.
  • More talkative or too much thinking everyday but don’t take the action on their interests

Some reasons are given above and some may be you have also observed. If suppose you are not performing your best what are the possible reasons of that? Is there any one mentioned here, then you have to check yourself for the present performance.


  • Classroom is a platform where we learn many things about the development of life. DON’T TRAP UNDER THE SITUATIONS, take those problems as challenges of life, solve to them perfectly in a good manner.
  • Academic results not matter at the scale of learning about the life. The approach, the attitude of life, the project/problem solving vision matters in real life which we learn in the classroom.
  • Make everyday a special day of your life. Take action on your thoughts and spent time to count your achievements daily.

I have only best wishes for you that I can give this time. So my unlimited best wishes to you, wherever you live, whatever you study. May GOD bless you all true happiness in your life. These were some points which I have observed, if help you in your life it will be my pleasure.