Being Friendly

When you are with students in the science lab of your school/university then you have an opportunity to interact with them more friendly. Here you demonstrate the experiments and takes viva, this time being you explain the physical concepts, tells about the rule of labs and life. How discipline is important in the lab and life, & how it can affect one person life.

When you tell them about the science or ask questions about the experiments. Show a faith and look carefully into their eyes with this faith so that they feel comfortable and be stable in your presence. This is the point from that, they generate confidence about their learning. First, one has to show real and genuine interest in the students and lab experiments then one can expect from them to show for the same.

All students don’t express openly in front of the teachers, they feel some hesitation to express their thoughts. Many times they know about the physical concept but can not express because of their shyness. And the same thing happens in the classroom. Sometimes they face problem in communication due to nonfluency in speaking the words or making big silence in words. Such students are more conscious about to their friends. They thinks more about their class-fellow keeping in mind that others either will laugh or will comment on something. In general, what people will say or thinks about us it hardly matters in our daily life routine. Still, many individual minds make it an effective parameter in their life and stop their creativity and expertise in their subject of interests.

So, a being a friendly teacher one can boost up students confidence and can make their learning ability more effectively. I have personally observed it when you show the genuine student-teacher relationship with children in the classroom, they understand your words more effectively and interpret in the motivational sense.


You may have seen in your classes that after an explanation of the topic, when you ask students for the problems (if any in understanding the topic), at any step in a topic. It happens generally only 3-5 students ask and the rest of them remains silent. Same happens when you ask a random question in the class. So, one day I have asked one student, who was sitting at the center in class surrounded by other friends with the feeling of protection. I have noticed he is not responding properly to my question and speaking slowly. I could not listen properly so I have transferred mic to him to speak with the mic. This time he got more conscious and refused to use a mic and said to speak without the mic. Other students asked him to use in lighter mode but he didn’t reply. I was aware of and feel the situation of his mind and his comfort.

The people become more conscious when they use a mic to say something, especially shy people. So being a teacher try to make shy people feel comfortable and confident in your classes and this is possible only by being friendly. If possible try to give a kind word to encourage the student who is not performing well in your course. Sometimes Love is just being friendly.