Written Examination

How to get Good Marks in Written Examination, this is an overview of the Indian Examination Perspective. Precautions which are required to getting the good marks in written examination by the student are discussed here. No doubt, hard work is the key to success; there is no other ways or any shortcut method of it. But still some points are there which are added to the knowledge of the subject, can also help to improve the result of students.

These points are:

1. Read the question paper carefully and understand each question, what the examiner wants to ask? Practically it is a little difficult for the average or below average students because the balance of mind is important for this exercise, and it could happen only when the course is prepared thoroughly. If somehow you lose your confidence to read the question paper during the examination then it might be difficult to attempt the question paper. In this situation take long breath 2-3 times try to make a balance of your mind because this is the time when you have to give your 100% output.
2. Try to attempt all questions in the answer sheet, but in sequence. Do not try to break the sequence, till that it is not necessary. Like, for an example, first you attempt the fifth question then eight, two, tenth, and one. This is not good practice in general and it affects the evaluator’s scheme of marking the questions. In general, question papers divided into parts or sections like A, B and C part, and each part has some questions. Also, each
question of different parts has different marks. So, when you break the sequence of the questions, evaluator sees either the parts or marks of the concerned question. So, it not only wastes the time but also break the flow of evaluations. So, it does not look good that evaluator waste their time to search the answers of questions which you attempted here and there in 15-20 pages answer sheet. As such, there is no other logic but this thing can change the behavior of an evaluator and no doubt it wastes his time too.
 3. Do not cut the answer of any attempted question till that you are not 100% sure that you attempted the latest version of the same question perfectly. It has been observed many times those students who cut the question (s) by thinking that it will be wrong, was found correct by the evaluators. So before cancellation of
the answer of any question (s), you have to be 100% sure that you applied the right approach on the question.
4. Do not cut and overwrite the steps, formula or words in answer sheet it basically attracts the extra attention of the evaluator. Which is not a good impression for the evaluator; also it indicates your understanding about the question.
5. Use graph, block diagram, figures if it is need of the question. Don’t try to skip any picture or graphical representations from the answers, if it is part of an answer you have to make it properly. Like in the case of graph you have to first mention the scale, how you are taking and considered the variables on X- and Y-axis result of a slope, etc. Then in figures and picture or in block diagrams mention each part of the figure in words. If possible use the soft HB pencil. You can use scale if you cannot draw a straight line.
6. Write a NOTE if you think that you do not have enough time to explain the answer of any question, write it just below the answer paragraph, mention some important points, formulae into that so the evaluator can understand that the students have enough knowledge and information about the question. NOTE: it should be highlighted like as a heading by the color pen (preferably Black if you are writing other text by blue color pen).
7. Use a good quality pen, it should be neither of light nor so dark ink. Use the black pen for headings and blue for text i.e. paragraph. Don’t use those ball pens which leave the ink on the pages and make dirty the answer sheets. Use an only good quality ball, gel or ink pen for smooth flow of writing.
8. Do not make any sign of spirituality or similar symbols on the answer sheet at the front page, corner or in starting the answers. Also, don’t write anything like your name or request to teacher forgive the good marks by writing any excuses; it can be an Unfair Means Case (UMCs) and on its basis, your paper could be canceled.
9. Your patience and confidence is very important don’t lose it in any situation. You know that you did so much hard work to understand the subject and its problems, and to make the notes, etc for this day. This is the time when you have to give your 100% output. So, in addition to the care of health during the examination
please also keep your identity card, permission card, pens, scale, H.B. pencils, eraser, etc in a box with you before entering into the examination hall.