One student needs 1-2 marks to get full out of total marks, while another one needs same marks to get the passing marks. Same pain both sides with different feelings, one is silently happy and another one with worries. The class test results of the courses do really matter in students’ lives?

One student’s performance is good in the examination because he has attempted all the questions. The student has written all answers as per the teacher’s expectations, means as the teacher understands the questions. So he/she will be the good performer in every part of life as per the academic system.

The second student couldn’t pass the examination, so he/she will suffer in the life, such things mostly teachers presume about the students. While the difference is about the involvement only of the second student in the course activities. He/She didn’t focus on the courses, didn’t solved the problems, couldn’t remember the points/content of the chapter. Means problem to manage his/her time to recall/revision the topics in the daily routine for a course. He/She couldn’t understand the scientific words of that course and ultimately the sentences and further paragraph and at last the chapter, the course.

In the life, classroom performances and real-life problems are totally different, one who performs very well in the classroom becomes fail in the life’s examination. A bigger section of the life is associated with the types of emotions. We train our students in the classroom for the skills not to be the human being to treat, to ponder about those emotions.

There are two sides of every personality, one who made by different emotions and the second is who wants to be like someone by learning some professional skills. If the emotional part match with your professional skills you feel delighted and rejoice in your life.

No one can judge you, you are the only one who can judge your actions, achievements or failures.

See in your daily routine how much you are involved to be strong in the current phase of life. If you are a student, see how much you are involved in classroom activities, the regular lectures, solutions of the tute sheets, submission of the assignments, sports-cultural and social-scientific activities.

Check how you can give proper time to all these activities for which you have assigned by your choice. See how you can be a good human being and how you can implement the professional skills for the best of humanity. As you may be aware that we exist or our existence base is of coexistence. So keep harmony with the human beings and Nature. Everyone has the abundant potential for the spiritual growth beyond the wildest imaginations.

You have seen and observed a proper organization in the universe;

The first Galaxy⇒then Solar System⇒after it Planets⇒which is made by Matter⇒then Atoms & molecules are part of matter⇒then center part of the atom is Nucleus⇒nucleus is made by Quarks⇒and further quarks are made by Strings. In this process, everything is organized in a proper way, everything is in motion no one is stable. Moving with defined constant speed, no change in motion and direction. So the first thing in our life should be acceptance of the changes. No fear should be for any change (or instability) in the life.

The student life is a phase of the whole life, what we learn from it, how we get skilled during this period, all depends on our involvement. This is called experience for another phase of life. So be strong in the life to be a part of the defined system with overall harmony.