Yes, it happens when a student asks a question or doubt to the teacher in class, suddenly his friends start to smile or laugh without any reason. It’s really surprising to me that when asked to them why you laugh or smile on a Physics

question, they don’t have any answer of it but they do it as a reaction of the question without knowing, understanding the depth or importance of the question. It happens and in the same way when a student replies the answer to a question asked by the teacher in the classroom. What are the facts, the reason behind this response of the class in general?
In a classroom, the student comes from different culture and environments of the study, which is one of the important aspects of this problem. It’s human nature that every person thinks that he knows everything about the subject and
surroundings, and it reflects unconsciously at that time immediately in his behavior when one smile or laugh. The second point of this problem might be that some people don’t expect the way, the tone in which you replied the answer of a
question or on the other hand you had to ask questions to the teacher. The third point, it might be a new idea for them and their mind is not ready to accept this response/idea. The fourth point, you are very curious to know everything and always
remain in the search of the truth, to know the reality of the facts, so ask questions frequently to the teachers. The images of asking questions to the teachers in the classroom and/or your personality reflection might be such that you ask many
questions in class, might be a reason for it.   
So, if we see the above points then should a student not ask questions in the classroom frequently?
What solution is of its! A teacher should encourage and motivate all the students to ask the questions in the classroom. The above problem comes in those classes where very few students are self-motivated and ask the questions. The teacher should create a healthy atmosphere in the classroom so students feel comfort in him and herself. They don’t hesitate to interact or ask the question with the teacher in the classroom. Also, a teacher should guide the student about question-asking
technique. So they can enjoy the freedom of learning by the experience of a teacher in the concerned subject.
So, if the student faces the above problem he/she should not stop to interact or ask the questions from the teacher in the classroom. This is the best way of learning; you have the potential to understand the subject and complex things, because of that you are curious and interested to learn new things. One day your friends will realize it. So let them enjoy the knowledge, vision and your own style. Don’t get depressed or think about the others what they are saying or thinks, just do your hard work as you can.