To engage the students for fruitful discussions in the classroom is a big task and an expert teacher knows when and what step he has to take? Especially in a short tutorial section when students are limited and one to one interaction is possible one can follow the suggestions as mentioned below to engage the students in a subject problem effectively.

Write on board or give to students at least five problems to complete in the classroom for a given duration. Ask them to attempt three in which any two you can make compulsory, an option is only for one problem. Now give the instructions to the students:
1. Students can solve these problems in a group of members of either 2 or 3
2. All students have to submit only one sheet no different pages.
3. One student has to attempt at least one question on the same sheet.
4. In each group, there will be a team leader who will be responsible to submit the sheet, answer or any other explanation (s) along with to decide the contribution of each student member for this task.
5. All the team members will write their identity on the first page at the top corner of the sheet.
After the instruction let the students give a chance of interaction in their own group, ask them to take the support of the notes or textbook, if required. You will observe here that almost all students start to participate in solving the problems. Those who are a slow learner and don’t find a proper solution for their problems in a group after some moments start to get diverted, and will try to isolate from the group activity. Here, the teacher has to check on such groups and provide the necessary feedback wherever is required. So they involved in the problem(s). In addition to this time, an alarming activity also plays an important role. As an instructor you can say that this amount of time is left, especially when the problem solver came to know that time is limited to complete the task, his/her efficiency of performing the task increases and he/she do the job more intensely. This activity also creates a focus on the problem.
When you finish your deadline and feel that you have some more time then ask team wise the conclusion, the observation of any specific problem where some physical situations were involved. How the students observe them and learn from the problems. Ask them to draw some random problem-related figures and check which group is facing the problem to draw the physical pictures.At the end when you collect the sheet just check there how the team leaders have mentioned the contribution of the team percent wise, you will observe many group leader (3 students in a group) write equal contribution while they attempt only two questions. How it could be possible, just bring it in their knowledge so who didn’t perform can realize his less effort and came to know about the checkpoint.

2nd Activity:

In addition to the above-mentioned process, you can take the open book test also. In a large number of classes, I personally found online checking more comfortable and fast process. What you have to do just ask the questions one by one of all types, conceptual, short questions, numerical or derivations too. Fix the time as per your choice or as you think that one can complete the question in that duration. When you ask a question please give them the freedom to see from textbook or notes and also of interaction in a group too. Let them write on their sheet individually. Ask 2nd, 3rd, 4th questions in this way and repeat the same process in the assigned duration.

Now the important point, ask your students to use a camera of mobile phone and take the clicks of all sheets on which they attempted the questions by asking that they will keep his/her thumb in every pic as an identity. Also, inform that only the pics which are clicked within this small duration (when you allowed to them in class to click the pics) will be considered for evaluation purpose so no one can send the pic of the modified version of the test. Let them do this exercise and ask to send these pics at your online plate form. Also tell them that your pics property can be check for verification purposes, any time. By this way not only you will reduce the paperwork but can evaluate the class test so fast in the traditional way.

I hope you are an optimistic teacher and your students are creating these activities will also bring fruitful creative energy in your classes. Please share your views and suggest wherever you observe any point.