Does clock really affects students’ daily routine?

it can. How clock can disturb the routine of someone’s life, or can
affects daily routine?. Please let me know one thing, have you not hear
any time someone to says among your friends that he awake till the 4
o’clock of last night to complete the practical files, drawing sheet,
etc. He told it not only once but said many times to the everyone who
meet with him that day  and it does not ended on the day but carried out
the story up to next three to four days also by searching anyhow a
possible way. Its really very interesting, and do you know what happens
to the next night, everyone knows that he will try to sleep as early as
possible, or did try to sleep keeping a thought in mind that I awake
last full night so I have to sleep 24 hours now. He can try to sleep in
day time also. So, what he gain ultimately, no work, no study in the
next night. Two days and at least one night at the cost of watching the 4
O,clock in the wall clock.     

is also true that this thing does not happens with all, exceptional cases
are everywhere but it also true that it affects daily routine if you
are working long hours in night and see the clock.

Suggestion: Please
keep away your Clocks from the study table and do work hard day and night
for your work and interest. I am sure that you will save enough time,
energy for your work and fun.