In this video I have just tried to define the real meaning of sentences “Believe in your self or Be Live in your self”.
In general we says that if you have faith in yourself then you can do any work which is assigned to you but personally i say that first you be live in your self, from inner side then faith comes automatically. Also, when you say that you have to believe in yourself it seems that you are not sure or doubtful about the result…..about your success.  You need to believe in your self to be successful and the it is not sure, because you just imagine, just suppose, thinks only that you are confident, but this idea does not looks good reason you have no liveliness inside so it is very much sure that after pumping to yourself with confidence magic you are not able to complete the task.
If you are live from inside, you have liveliness, happiness and faith comes automatically. You don’t need to create the confidence in your self because that is in your inside with full of energy.

I personally thinks and gives more importance to the second one……to BE…… LIVE….in yourself.