Title and Citation of a Research Paper

One of the parameters of research paper evaluation after publication is the citation. So how to get more citation or people read more your research article. As such, there is no black magic or magical formula for it, but there are some ways to increase readership to the articles.

Use keywords in the title of the Article

It is true that good publishers use indexing of the journal and ultimately the research articles using the keywords of your paper’s title and provided by you. Keywords are important it may be a single word or a phrase i.e., a combination of 2-3 words which target audience usually try to search for their purpose through various search engines.

Now the question is how to select keywords for the title, and how many words, one has to keep? As such no minimum- the maximum number is fixed ideally. If you have planned to put keywords in the title then use google search engine, and try to find that information which you suppose one have to do for your article. It means just write those words which may bring your idea/explanation/paper in the search engine.

For an example if you have studied the decaying life of radioactive nuclei and observed the structure How to write a Research Paper Title and increase citationeffects of same  super heavy (heavy, medium mass) radioactive nuclei in the nuclear chart by using some experimental technique or theoretical model, it would be a good idea to use the words ”Structure effects of Superheavy nuclei” in your title.   You just make the words combination which may use in search more frequently or catch the eyes immediately.

Here you have to keep the focus on one thing that is a use of keywords in your explanation. Don’t use many times one keyword in your explanation. You should maintain the density of keywords In the same paragraph or in continue sentences of a paragraph. For an example, you have used “superheavy elements” as a keyword and you are taking it in every sentence of introduction and explanation from a title on words. Search engine algorithm might observe it an algorithm doesn’t see on a website it is regular research article, review research paper or a blog article. This can hurt your research output in terms of the citation.

Blogging or Micro Blogging

How do you share your thoughts with the society? By using the facebook, twitter, Linkedin or Whatsapp, actually, all these are related to microblogging if you are using these. Then what is blogging? It is just more descriptive and organizes with the facts with some personal web address known as the domain. You may have seen that one of your friends writes the blog or some professional use to write it for increase their website traffic either to sell information, product or services.  They do it regularly to remain active on various search engines.

Micro Blogging or Blogging for Research Paper!!!

This is the key actually, being a researcher of a particular branch like arts/science/engineering/medical or any other; we don’t know the use of search engine technology. How it works in the present time or how we can use that? How someone is working for us indirectly? Actually, a researcher just does the research work and publishes the work in terms of its application and further progress.

Researchers always count citation of his/her research papers but no awareness how it works. Actually the publishers of the concerned journal for which you are getting the citation to keep indexing of your article through various methods in search engines. So your papers reach to the target audience and they use its information.  Presently the publication number increased over the entire world but citation per document decreases drastically. This data one can see through Scimago website.  The big publishers are linked up with the libraries and have good networking so they just try to reach concern paper to the targeted audience. S

You may be receiving the newsletter or business email in this reference. Now in addition to this, what one scholar can do to get a credit of his work? The answer is regular blogging or microblogging related to the work they do. Mention the detail, links in the post. In general when you sign the copyright form publishers allowed the circulation of published research paper through the personal blog. Here one may be very careful to share complete information, because you may have transferred all the rights to the publishers now of your paper.  So please read carefully the copyright form which you have used signed to transfer all rights to the publisher.

When you share or write a blog related to your work through a specific domain which is indexed in different search engines its probability increases to hit the target audience. Here you have to write frequently on regular basis. So search engine remains update about your articles using the sitemap.  To increase the research paper reach you use search engine optimization personally.


If you have a blog or any social media approach just try to keep live by writing on their wall and further commenting on others post. So algorithm may understand your profile or blog is active. Use text frequently in terms of your research area.

The more people you approach in your subject area more possibility is to read your contents. So your blog and profile will be at higher rank comparatively. Networking is important in all the fields so here too. You just connect your blog or website where you are sharing the thoughts with other social media links directly. So you don’t need to be writing or share text/content manually on those platforms.


Author of this post doesn’t force to use manipulated keywords/blogging etc. for a research paper or to any scholar. Also, it is true that SEO plays the role in the present information age for research articles too.