Effective Keywords in Research Paper

Recently I was reading a research article in which “Defects” was the keyword. Mostly researcher doesn’t know keywords are eyes of the papers’ body. They don’t know a computer machine can’t differentiate among defects in a product, crystal, or used it for some formation in nano field. It obviously will divert the Search Engines (SE) in general term and sense of defects, not in the nano field research contents.

My friends those who are related to material science field especially working in nanoscience and/or nanotechnology, please don’t use “defects” word as a keyword. Formation of defects, defects in the crystal can help you more for wide circulation of your manuscript.

Selection Strategy of Keywords

I am sharing with you the google search results not based on the keyword planner, its’ a simple search in google search box. The first search of keyword “formation of defects” was about 2,22,00,000 in results. The second possibility of the keyword “defects in crystals” was about 2,16,00,000 results. In both, the cases search engine picks the scholarly article while in the third case when “Defects” only was the keyword then about 30,90,00,000 results were observed and all were related to general cases.

From this exercise, I hope you may have got an idea. Also, one more conclusion “formation of defects” is the more popular phrase in the said research field.  A single word of the keyword may provide a lot of combinations as in this case “defects”. While long tail keywords like phrases are more effective to guide and define the google search results accurately.

I have seen long tail keywords in a research article like “network-based nanoelectronic device” the search results were about 3,89,000 in number while suggested words combination for the long tail keyword “nanoelectronic materials and devices” were about 17,80,000 results. In both the cases, the search engine provides relevant and specific results. My suggestion will be here the second result.


The keywords should be used in title properly first of all.  You can suggest 3-5 keywords in an article to the publisher for a reader in your specific research domain. The frequency of keywords also matter and it should be no more than four to five for anyone in 200-250 words abstract. While all the keywords should be used in title and abstract effectively not only for the science and reader also for the search engines.