Quiz trial -2 Quantum Mechanics. Superconductivity and Magnetic Materials

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como conocer a los chicos de combate argentina In this quiz I have used mathematical equations to judge the output, in HTML its little difficult to write the math equations. These are two basic questions of the quantum mechanics.

http://diebrueder.ch/piskodral/7933 This quiz include three units of engineering physics, one is magnetic materials, second quantum mechanics, and the third one is Superconductivity.

http://hickscountry.com/media/hicks-thank-you-and-goodnight-2/ 1. The time independent Schrodinger wave equation can be written as

  1. \bigtriangledown^{2}\Psi+ \frac{8\pi^{2}m}{h^{2}}\left (E-V\right )\Psi=0
  2. \bigtriangledown^{2}\Psi+ \frac{8\pi^{2}m}{h^{2}}\left (V-E\right )\Psi=0
  3. \bigtriangledown^{2}\Psi+ \frac{h^{2}}{8\pi^{2}m}\left (E-V\right )\Psi=0
  4. \left ( -\frac{h^{2}}{8\pi^{2}m}\bigtriangledown^{2}-V\right )\Psi=i\frac{h}{2\pi}\frac{\partial\Psi}{\partial t}

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site de rencontre turc 2. Type II superconductors between two critical magnetic fields are in


3. The energy eigenvalues of a particle confined to one dimensional box of length L is


  1.     E_{n}=\frac{n h^{2}}{8 m L^{2}}
  2.     E_{n}=\frac{n^{2} h}{8 m L^{2}}
  3.     E_{n}=\frac{n^{2} h^{2}}{8 m L}
  4.     E_{n}=\frac{n^{2} h^{2}}{8 m L^{2}}





4. According to London equation the current density at the surface of type I superconductor


5. The eigen function of a particle confined to one dimensional box of length L is


  1.     \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{2}{L}} \cos\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )
  2.    \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{L}{2}} \cos\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )
  3.    \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{L}{2}} \sin\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )
  4.    \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{2}{L}} \sin\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )

6. Which of the following material have positive susceptibility?


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