Quiz trial -2 Quantum Mechanics. Superconductivity and Magnetic Materials

quiz trail 2

In this quiz I have used mathematical equations to judge the output, in HTML its little difficult to write the math equations. These are two basic questions of the quantum mechanics.

This quiz include three units of engineering physics, one is magnetic materials, second quantum mechanics, and the third one is Superconductivity.

1. The eigen function of a particle confined to one dimensional box of length L is


  1.     \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{2}{L}} \cos\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )
  2.    \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{L}{2}} \cos\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )
  3.    \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{L}{2}} \sin\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )
  4.    \Psi_{n}=\sqrt{\frac{2}{L}} \sin\left (\frac{n \pi x}{L}\right )

2. Which of the following material have positive susceptibility?


3. The time independent Schrodinger wave equation can be written as

  1. \bigtriangledown^{2}\Psi+ \frac{8\pi^{2}m}{h^{2}}\left (E-V\right )\Psi=0
  2. \bigtriangledown^{2}\Psi+ \frac{8\pi^{2}m}{h^{2}}\left (V-E\right )\Psi=0
  3. \bigtriangledown^{2}\Psi+ \frac{h^{2}}{8\pi^{2}m}\left (E-V\right )\Psi=0
  4. \left ( -\frac{h^{2}}{8\pi^{2}m}\bigtriangledown^{2}-V\right )\Psi=i\frac{h}{2\pi}\frac{\partial\Psi}{\partial t}



4. The energy eigenvalues of a particle confined to one dimensional box of length L is


  1.     E_{n}=\frac{n h^{2}}{8 m L^{2}}
  2.     E_{n}=\frac{n^{2} h}{8 m L^{2}}
  3.     E_{n}=\frac{n^{2} h^{2}}{8 m L}
  4.     E_{n}=\frac{n^{2} h^{2}}{8 m L^{2}}





5. According to London equation the current density at the surface of type I superconductor


6. Type II superconductors between two critical magnetic fields are in


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