Postdoc Position in Nuclear Theory University of Zagreb

University of Zagreb Research position

The Faculty of Science University of Zagreb invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral position within the Nuclear Theory Group at the Department of Physics. The position would begin in March 2018, and it will be embedded within a newly established Center of Excellence for the Theory of Quantum and Complex Systems and Lie Algebra Representation (QuantiXLie).

The Nuclear Theory Group has a broad ranging programme in and nuclear astrophysics based on relativistic nuclear energy density functional. Candidates are expected to have experience in nuclear theory and/or nuclear astrophysics. It is expected that the focus of research will be on developments of density functional theory in relation to astrophysically relevant properties and processes involving exotic nuclei, r-process nucleosynthesis, and/or neutron star properties.

To formally apply for postdoc position in nuclear theory in case of any inquiries, applicants should contact Prof. Nils Paar ( Applicants should submit before 22.12.2017 a curriculum vitae, short statement or research interests, PhD certificate, and citizenship certificate.

Contact for Two-year postdoc position

Prof. dr. sc. Nils Paar
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science
University of Zagreb


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