Vector Physics for class 11th, JEE, and NEET examination

These videos covers Vector Calculus for the class 11. The first video video includes a definition of a vector, mathematical operation of vector, linear and angular shifting of a vector, addition of vectors.

Vector-Part 2


This video covers Vector quantity. This video includes the mathematical operation of vectors. Addition, subtraction and the concept of unit vector with suitable examples.



This video includes the topic Cross product of two vectors. We have explained the meaning of area and area vector. We have explained the methods to find cross product of two vectors, the direction of the cross product and the magnitude.


This Video contents cross product of two vectors. We have explained two methods to find a cross product of two vectors when given in terms of unit vector i, j & k.


Topic- Dot product of Vectors
This video covers the dot product of two vectors.


This video lecture contains basic learning questions. These questions will help you to understand the application of vector in Physics and will help you to develop the skill to solve a question.

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