Magnetic Units and Conversion Factors

In this table, basic physical quantities which are used in magnetic materials are included. The symbol and conversion from one unit to the other.

This conversion will be helpful in numerical problems.

Quantity Symbol SI Unit CGS emu Unit Conversion Remarks
Magnetic Induction or Magnetic field density B Tesla (Wb/m2) Gauss 1 Wb/m2=104 Gauss
Magnetic field intensity H Amp-turn/m Oersted 1 Amp-turn/m=4π × 10-7H/m= 1 emu
Magnetization M Amp-turn/m Maxwell/cm2 1 Amp-turn/m=10-3 Max/cm2
Permeabilty of a vacuum \fn_jvn \mu_{0} Henry/m emu 4π×10-7 H/m=1 emu
Relative permeability \fn_jvn \mu_{r} unitless unitless \fn_jvn \mu_{r} (SI =CGS)
Magnetic Susceptibility χ Unitless Unitless χ=4π (χ in CGS)

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