How to find Ionization potential of Mercury in Physics Lab

Ionization Potential of Mercury

Ionization potential of mercury is discussed with experimental apparatus. How to find out the ionization potential of mercury. The electrons from the heated surface of cathode emits and reach upto the plate which is at higher

potential, so all the electrons are attracted by the plate….but due to space charge all the emitted electrons can not reach upto the plate…

Procedure Mercury Ionization

now we increase the potential of the plate as a result electron get accelerated and ionize the mercury vapor. The mercury ion move towards the cathode and neutral the space charge….also the electrons release from ionization of mercury reach upto the plate in addition to the electrons emitted from cathode and as a result current increase suddenly. this is the point of ionization potential. One can find out it by plotting the graph in between the plate current and applied voltage.


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