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Huion Graphics Tablet

Huion H610 Pro graphics tablet, its actual dimension are Active Area of length and width in inch: 10” x 6.25” . If you are planning to use latest teaching tools in classroom this tool I found best. You can use it in classroom as well as for online teaching.

In classroom if you are teaching maths, physics then most of the time you spent time on white board. But using it you can simultaneously focus on the students. If you have to use any figure you can insert through it in advance and just explain. No need to make in classroom so you can save your time.

In science experiments when you have to give instructions to the students then you can use it to explain any concept.

Here, I want to tell you one more important thing. If you are thinking that only this graphics tablet will fulfill all the said information. No, its not, actually this is hardware. You have to download software which is compatible for your work.

For an example being a teacher I have to use it in classroom or for online teaching. Then I will download “CLASSROOM PRESENTER 3” (CP3) software. This CP3 software will help to display all the objects which I will write on the graphics tablet by using the digital pen.

My Experience with Digital Graphics Tablet

I have purchased it from Flipkart. It’s very useful for everyone in daily life….I observed some minor problem due to installation and return it first time but they give me second piece by replacing earlier one… I am working on it and making my video lectures by using it. In classroom along with other software like evernote, classnotepad, I am using it effectively. For the notes or lecture purposes you should install evernote, you can also write on PPT too by using it.

There are various uses of its, Painters are using it to make the digital paintings without water colors. If you are teacher and interested to use digital pen and graphics tablet in classroom teaching I found it most suitable. Why? because on whiteboard when one teacher writes he/she can not focus on the audience and sometimes drawing is difficult to draw on board. At this moment this tab is useful, by using it you can see the classroom response, and simultaneously can draw the diagram or can use from the PPT. Your writing displays on the screen of monitor that can be projected on white screen in classroom through the projector also. So by this way you are not only using the whiteboard but also incorporating the media file trough this.

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I am using Huion graphics tablet since last years and using it successfully. I found it more interesting. You can use different color, add graphics, save as image or pdf form your notes through software mentioned above.

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