How to study Cyclotron for class 12 physics part-2

go here In this video Cyclotron for the class12 is discussed. To understand the working of Cyclotron understanding of the #Lorentz force is important. In the first part of this video the basic idea of lorentz force is discussed.

follow The Electric force is responsible to accelerate the particle while no contribution of the # Magnetic force except to change in the direction. The #velocity does not affected by the magnetic force. In a uniform magnetic field (same magnitude everywhere of the magnetic field in a specified area.) when a moving #charge particle enters it realize a force which acts like a centripetal force and hence a circular motion. The direction of the force can be found with the help of Fleming’s left hand rule, where the thumb represent the direction of force, first finger direction of the magnetic field and middle to the direction  of velocity of the moving charge particle.

go site how to study moving charge particle in a uniform magnetic field

why circular path of a moving charge particle in a uniform magnetic field

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how to define lorentz force

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