How to study Cyclotron for class 12 physics part-1


In this video #Cyclotron for the #class12 is discussed. To understand the working of #Cyclotron understanding of the #Lorentz force is important. In the first part of this video the basic idea of Lorentz force is discussed.

The #Electric force is responsible to accelerate the particle while no contribution of the # Magnetic force except to change in the direction. The #velocity does not affected by the magnetic force. In a uniform magnetic field (same magnitude everywhere of the magnetic field in a specified area.) when a moving #charge particle enters it realize a force which acts like a centripetal force and hence a circular motion. The direction of the force can be found with the help of #Fleming’s left hand rule, where the thumb represent the direction of #force, first finger direction of the magnetic field and middle to the direction  of velocity of the moving charge particle.

#how to study moving charge particle in a uniform magnetic field

#how to study magnetism

#what is magnetism

#why circular path of a moving charge particle in a uniform magnetic field

#how right hand thumb rule works

#how cyclotron works

#what is lorentz’s force

#how to define lorentz force

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