How to observe Hall Voltage in the Physics Lab by using Hall Effect Experiment

source site In this video, the Hall Effect experiment is explained very briefly (I just tried to make it brief). In general we ask our students to find the Hall Voltage and Hall Coefficient. So for this purpose, the knowledge of the apparatus is must, like:

1. The first one is electromagnet power supply by which we provide the current in amp to the electric coils (like solenoid) as a result we get uniform magnetic field between the two poles of steel which are inserted in the coils already. 2. Gauss meter with Gauss probe; this is used to measure the magnetic field density, flux in between the poles and it remains constant throughout the experiment ….its value depends on the magnitude of the current. 3. The digital voltmeter and ammeter, to measure the voltage and current. The connections are made with the sample properly.

go here Now, after making it clear that what components we are using in this experiment, then we start to take the observations. Follow the video tutorial below for full information.

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