How to find Normalization Constant of a Wave Function & Physical Meaning

This problem is related to the particle in a box or in an infinite potential well. Particle representation by a wave function that is mathematical function no physical significance of that. How to find it for the given dimensions, means within the potential well? Explained here not only mathematically but also told its physical picture that if a wave function is normalized and if not.

Dr Sushil Kumar

Dr. Sushil Kumar, a physicist, an eminent researcher and a teacher for the benefit of students and fellow physicists alike. Vyom Hans is an effort to create a better platform and also to help the students to be able to have content at their hands whenever they want, online. Dr. Sushil continues to upload his lectures and post articles about latest researches in physics, academic, physics education, and also lessons about daily life and how physics define every aspect of our everyday movement and life.

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