Happy Teachers Day 2017:What he said on this occasion ?

Happy Teachers Day 2017

Dedicated to the Students a new experiment through this video..This video is dedicated to all my students from whom I learn number of things, I accept I was nothing but you people bring change in my life in my thoughts in my action, no doubt. Every students contribute in the experience of a teacher’s life. I am in love with technology because of you, I learn depth of subject from you, I learn hard work from you, I was empty but today I am learning, I feel I have something to give because of you.


This video is my first learning experience with video layers, annotation, animation,etc because of you. I have that approach today which I always thinks to achieve…..I am always thankful to your association, your love and understanding.


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Dr Sushil Kumar

Dr. Sushil Kumar, a physicist, an eminent researcher and a teacher for the benefit of students and fellow physicists alike. Vyom Hans is an effort to create a better platform and also to help the students to be able to have content at their hands whenever they want, online. Dr. Sushil continues to upload his lectures and post articles about latest researches in physics, academic, physics education, and also lessons about daily life and how physics define every aspect of our everyday movement and life.

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