Galilean Transformation in Relativistic Mechanics (Hindi & English)

With the help of two examples it is made simple understanding of the significance of Galilean Transformation in relativistic mechanics. Is video ko hindi aur english mei bananey ki try ki hai aasha karta hun ki ye paryog achha lagega aur concept ko samjhney me bhi help milegi. Galilean transformation is the first derivation in relativistic mechanics jo humko coordinates ki relationship ke bare me batata hai ki ek cordinate system ko kese dusre coordinate system me change kar saktey hain. Aur aagey ye ki agar coordinates ko change kar dengey to uska benefit kya hai Issko samjhney ke liye yahan par train ka example liya gaya hai, as you know when we were child then we observe from the train that trees moves in opposite direction with the same spped as we move by train in forward direction. lekin agar dusra person sadak ke kinare khada hai to that see ki trees are stable wo to nahi chal rahey hain……ye iss person ka observation hai…aur ye bhi galat nahi hai…lekin pahley case me jo dikhta hai wo bhi galat nahi hai….phir question aata hai ki satya kya hai? kese wo vyakti jo sthir hai dekh sake jo ki moving train me betha aadmi dekhta hai…..yes iske liye hi transformation equations use kartey hai…yahan par prime frame ki equations ko un desh frame ki equations me derive kiya hai…..baki aap video dekh kar samajhiye…..agar koi sawal hai to message me just in message box….thanks

Dr Sushil Kumar

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