Viva Questions Determine the wavelength of the laser light by diffraction grating

Viva Questions

1Q: What is diffraction grating?

2Q: What is grating Element?

3Q: How to find the grating element of a given diffraction grating having 1500 Lines per Inch (LPI)?

4Q: What is full form of LASER?

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5Q: What is spontaneous and stimulated emission process?

6Q: What is population Inversion?

7Q: What are the characteristics of Laser?

8Q: What is diffraction?

9Q: What is Interference?

10Q: What is the condition for maxima in Interference?

11Q: What is the standard value of Red Color wavelength?

12Q: What is the formula for to find the percentage error?

13Q: Does diffracted Waves can interfere?

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14Q: What is the formula for maximum intensity? (In the case of diffraction)

15Q: Why do you use nl= d sin theta formula? What is the origin to derive this formula for this experiment?