Viva Questions To find the magnetic susceptibility of FeCl3 solution by Quincke Method 1Q. What is atomic dipole moment? 2Q. What is Bohr Magneton? 3Q: What is B and H, and what are the units in CGS/SI system?

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6Q: What is the unit of magnetic susceptibility?

finasteride 1 mg 3 veces por semana 7Q: What are the main differences between Diamagnetc, Pramagnetic and Ferromagnetic materials?

lioresal 5mg tablet 8Q: Why the meniscus level rise up or fall down in the presence or absence of external uniform magnetic

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9Q: In which unit system (SI or CGS) you measured the magnetic field strength H?

10Q: In which unit you measured the fall in height of the meniscus ?

11Q: What is the formula to calculate the mass susceptibility of FeCl3 solution?

12Q: You have calculated the mass susceptibility for different values of current i.e. means different strength

of the external magnetic field H. You should take average of the susceptibility or have to plot graph

(between h vs H^2 and by using the slope have to find the value of mass susceptibility?

13Q: What are the important precautions?

14Q: What are sources of error?

15Q: What are the learning outcomes from this experiment?

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