Expt.1-Hall Effect Experiment and its detail formulation

Viva Questions:

1Q: What hall effect signifies?

2Q: What do you understand from Lorentz’s force?

3Q: What is Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule?

4Q: Which material (Conductor, Semiconductor, insulator) has been used to explain the Hall Effect?

5Q: The direction of current X-axis, Magnetic field direction is Z-axis, how do you will determine the Hall voltage by the help of majority charge carrier?

6Q: When a charge travel or passes through the magnetic field, a force act on it. What is the formula of that?7Q: Similarly in the presence of electric field a force act on the charged particle, what is that formula?

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8Q: If suppose particle travel with a net for zero in the presence of both field, the two forces (electric and magnetic forces) will be equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, or different in magnitude but same in direction, and why?

9Q: Does Hall Voltage can be created with the conductor and insulator too?

10Q: Can you determine the type of semiconductor and concentration of charge carriers with the help of Hall Coefficient?

Video LINK: how-to-observe-hall-voltage-in-physics