Electronic Properties of Solid: Part-4


In the chapter, electronic properties of solids, I have focused on some questions, which are given below and discussed systematically in video.

1. Properties of the metals?

2. What is free electron gas concept?

3. How and why we use particle in a box concept on the electron gas in metals?

4. How to find eigen values and eigen functions for the free particles i.e. electrons?

Rest of the questions are discussed in next parts of the videos.

5. What is the concept of Fermi Energy?

6. How to find the number of free electrons into the Fermi Energy, their velocity and momentum?

7. How the free electrons are distributed among the available energy states?

8. How to find the density of states?

9. How does analysis of the Fermi-Dirac distribution function on the basis of temperature?

10. How to find the average energy of free electron at the Fermi level?

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