Electrodynamics Basics Gauss Divergence and Stokes Theorem Part-4


http://zspskorcz.pl/pictose/eseit/3869 In this video basic fundamentals of the Electrodynamics are discussed, the type of the field ; scalar field or vector field. then after the three mathematical operators (gradient, divergence and curl) and their result.

buy Lyrica online usa The lecture is focused on the two basic fundamental theorems, Gauss- Divergence and Stokes theorem, In addition to this the  Gradient operator, Divergence and Curl operators are discussed, when it operates on the scalar field or vector field function what type of results we get, and what we have to conclude on the result basis, because when we take the divergence of any vector field we get a scalar, that means magnitude only, so magnitude may be zero, positive or negative. The description of the results are discussed here.

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