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Engineering Physics

BCS Theory of Superconductivity

BCS Theory of Superconductivity

When an electron passes nearby an adjacent positive ion, both interact electrostatically. In this way, momentum is imparted to the ions which cause them to move together due to elastic behavior of the lattice. This slight movement together increases the positive charge density in the lattice, this region of increased positive charge density propagates as a wave, which carries momentum through the lattice. By this way, this first electron emits a phonon which is absorbed by the second one which passes near to the region. This interaction between two electrons via phonons exceeds the coulomb’s repulsion. Thus a pair is formed known as Cooper pair. These cooper pair have opposite spin and hence the total spin of the pair is zero. Due to this reason, the cooper pair are treated as bosons.

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  1. Aashima Malhotra

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    A very instructive way of learning physics practically through experiments.

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  4. Tapas Sharma

    Nice informative video,Helps students to score good marks in engineering Physics

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