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Experiments Viva Questions

Viva questions help students to provide a new dimension of thinking and visualization of the concept. Some experiments are listed here for related viva questions. For the answer to any question, you can ask me through the comment box.

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  1. Viva Questions Newton’s Rings Experiments B.Sc. Physics

  2. Semiconductor LASER Construction and Working

  3. Viva Questions Stewart and Gee’s Method Experiment

  4. Viva Questions Experiments Attenuation in Optical Fibers

  5. Viva Questions Melde’s Experiment

  6. Viva Questions pn Junction diode Characteristics

  7. e by m Thomson Method Experiment

  8. Viva Questions J J Thomson experiment charge to mass ratio of the electron

  9. Cathode Ray Tube Construction and Working

  10. How to find Ionization potential of Mercury in Physics Lab

  11. How to observe Hall Voltage in the Physics Lab by using Hall Effect Experiment

  12. Viva Questions of Michelson Interferometer Experiment

  13. How to Measure the Magnetic Susceptibility of FeCl3 solution by Quinke Method

  14. Viva Questions To find the Magnetic Susceptibility of FeCl3 solution by Quincke Method

  15. Calculation of the Susceptibility for FeCl3 Solution by Quinkes Method

  16. Physics Experiments with detail figures and formulae

  17. Viva Questions Determine the wavelength of the laser light by a diffraction grating

  18. Hall Effect Experiment Viva Questions and Demonstration

  19. Viva Questions | Details of Susceptibility Experiment

  20. Viva Questions Determination of Planck’s Constant

  21. Experiment Viva Questions How to determine the wavelength of the He Ne laser light by using Michelson Interferometer


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  1. siddarth

    Thanku sir for valuable guidance…thanks a lot

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Best wishes always dear

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Best wishes always…

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