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Engineering Physics

Stokes’ Theorem


Stokes’ Theorem is associated with the curl of vector field. This provide a relationship between the closed path integral and the open surface integral. This open surface integral is bounded by the closed path.

To understand its physical and geometrical interpretation and meaning of the mathematical notation in terms of the physics, see here.Stokes’ Theorem in engineering Physics used for conceptual  purpose which further uses to convert the basic integral laws of electrodynamics in differential forms.

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  1. Tapas Sharma

    Nice informative video,Helps students to score good marks in engineering Physics

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Tapas for your time and kind feedback.

  2. Dipin Gandhi

    A very instructive way of learning physics practically through experiments.

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Dipin Gandhi, hope you are doing great at your end. Best wishes always.

  3. Shivang0308

    Great initiative

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Shivang.
      best wishes always.

  4. Aashima Malhotra

    Excellent and very informative 👍

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Ashima madam for your kind words.

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