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Welcome to Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics is one of the first year subjects in Engineering & Technology Institutions. The curriculum of the course depends on the usage in different branches of engineering in the concerned institute.

Role of the subject is to make aware students about the real-life applications of Physics and its concept in engineering. Its true that all topics of a chapter are not directly useful in the course but for making one concept clear and useful some other supporting and related topics understanding are important.

In this course, I will provide the basic and fundamental concepts of physics. To understand any topic we need some other physical concepts too. I called them Supporting Physical Concepts (SPCs), these concepts are the key controller to understand any difficult problem, or topic. So the learner gets familiar about any topic or that importance, it not only create the interest but also involve the students in the creation of innovations.

 Electromagnetic Waves:

Main Features

Every chapter includes quizzes based on true/false, single choice and/or multiple choice questions, so a reader can check the learning. In some cases, PDF copy also provided so it can help you to revise the topics. Not only quizzes but experiment related to the topics are introduced along with viva questions.

  • Quiz
  • Notes
  • Experiments  

Why This Course?

  1. This course for first-year engineering students.
  2. Cover all major chapters for all Universities/Institutes syllabus
  3. Basic fundamentals along with the latest developments
  4. The practice of understanding the course content in brief with Numerical Problems.
  5. A solution of Sample question paper.
  6. Demonstration of the related experiments and related viva questions.

Interactive Videos

Course Fee:

It is free, no registration fee required.

For doubt and any other problems

Weekly online interaction is possible for any doubt and problem.

Sample Quiz

Total Internal reflection of light ray inside the core of an optical fiber is the only way by transmitting the signal. How it happens and what is the condition for that. Just check here..

1. Do you think that Total Internal Reflection is the only principle by which light can travels inside the core?


2. What is the critical angle?


3. What is the use of Snell’s Law?




Dr Sushil Kumar

Dr. Sushil Kumar, a physicist, an eminent researcher and a teacher for the benefit of students and fellow physicists alike. Apni Physics is an effort to create a better platform and also to help the students to be able to have content at their hands whenever they want, online. Dr. Sushil continues to upload his lectures and post articles about latest researches in physics, academic, physics education, and also lessons about daily life and how physics define every aspect of our everyday movement and life.


  1. Tapas Sharma

    Nice informative video,Helps students to score good marks in engineering Physics

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Tapas for your time and kind feedback.

  2. Dipin Gandhi

    A very instructive way of learning physics practically through experiments.

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Dipin Gandhi, hope you are doing great at your end. Best wishes always.

  3. Shivang0308

    Great initiative

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Shivang.
      best wishes always.

  4. Aashima Malhotra

    Excellent and very informative 👍

    1. Dr Sushil Kumar

      Thank you Ashima madam for your kind words.

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