Need of Women Empowerment and Social Reformation 

It was vary different situation for me when I started think to write my feelings about the women empowerment and need of social reformation in the present scenario of my country. I was sure that being a man it was difficult for me to understand the feelings/thinking of a woman but being a son, a brother, a husband and a father of a lady, I have seen different role of a woman. I have seen the women in different difficult situations at home, in society and overall in my country and around in the world, those observations in my surrounding always give me moments to think, why it happens with the women? As a men we are responsible for these situations or women has created it by their self ? I just try to find out the answers of my doubts and questions, related to the situations which basically happens with the women. I accept that any of these points may be wrong but its my personal view and there is no intention to hurt anyone. If  some how there is any point  which pinch you, my request is to you please bring it in my notice, we can discuss it and resolve the problem if any. 
To write my points of view here three things were in my mind; 1). how to do empower the women in country 2). Does in the present scenario is there any need of social reformation? and 3). does woman is also responsible to create those difficult situations for herself?


Women Empowerment and its impact on society

Does Indian women are really in need of physical, administrative and political powers? Does women thinks that they are physically insecure to live in the society ? Why they feel insecure? What are the possible ways to empower the women forever? Does social inequalities among the men and women are increasing day by day? What are the reasons and how to solve this problem if it is there?    
No doubt, physical insecurity has increased among the women now days or it would be earlier also but came into the knowledge of every one through the media sources. This point was in my mind since I joined the so called modern society. Recently when number of cases are reported in to the newspapers, TV channels and in social media, I feel I am associated with this problem. Then I started to think, does women are physically weak or they want to be weak? I found its answer myself and realize that most of them don’t want to be strong physically because it is not in the part of their daily routine. They thinks body building is not for them since from the adolescence, like to strengthen the body, hard exercises and run for a long distances. 
Yes, it is also true that women in the villages who are working in the fields, doing physical work equally as the men in the fields, sometimes doing more work than the men, they are not only helping in the fields equally but also working for the domestic animals. So, strengthen points of view, I assume maximum village ladies are physically stronger, if they understand and aware about it. Now, for the metropolitan working ladies, does they get enough time to strengthen their bodies? Obviously, I thinks no, they don’t have enough time to join the GYM or regular exercises in practice. They don’t have enough time and space for physical assignments, machines are doing their daily work. I don’t know exact ratio but I can assume and understand that number of ladies who lives in the village are physically stronger comparatively to the working ladies in the cities, because still ladies in villages are working manually their work of daily routine. 
 So, it is a matter of study that which group of ladies are feeling physically insecurity in her life. Are they able to fight with men equally? yes I think they are. Now the question is why they tolerate eve teasing, or any kind of harassment in their life? What is that thought in her mind’s corner which stop them to take the action against the man for his any bad behavior. What type of fear is that? Here, does they accepted it is part of their life to listen the useless comments or face the physical torture in her life. Why she don’t want to involve to stop this molestation against her self? Or she thinks that it is the habit of some people and she stats ignore to them. But by doing so, does she is not motivating them to do the same thing with the other women also? Personally I feel that they people target to the innocent children and weak ladies (financially poor ladies) for their interest (bad habits).
   First priority of the Indian Society should be to protect the women dignity, I think to strengthen the women two things implement immediately that are 1). physical fitness and regular health check-up camps 2) second and important self-defense training programme. The selected ward member in the city and the Pradhan of the village bring this awareness in their nominated areas and make sure that women get the benefit of it. Aware them again and again so each lady becomes more stronger physically and hence their girl child also in future. If a woman realize the fact that she is stronger and can face any difficult situation and reflect it on the man to his misbehavior then automatically a message will spread among the men community. And before doing such kind of behavior they will think 100 times. I also think that a group of women perform some heavy physical activities regularly so a message spread among the people that women are stronger. The women should drive heavy vehicle, and come forward to accept the challenges which man suppose that only he can do this thing. So, the misconception of physical strength of a women erase from the people’s mind. I think it is very important that people should realize it, that women are physically stronger.

Women empowerment not only seen from the points of education, employment and contribution in industrial development but the health and physical strength related activities are also equally important sections. The women empowerment and its impact on society in the next section…………….Part-2