School Bus Travel

My school bus is a more demanding bus in school, why? I don’t know but all the seats remain occupied throughout the year, sometimes last stop students sit on the bonnet of the bus when guest faculty join the bus and take the student’s seat. Its feel really very good, when I listen to high beats music and songs in the morning and evening during my travelling through my stops to school and school to my bus stop, after so much mental work.
All the teachers, sit on the forward seats, these are reserved, you can say. But one of the senior teachers whose stops lie in the last, for that seat is not fixed. He usually sits in the last row, middle and sometimes near to the bonnet of a school bus. He spent his journey time with reading the books and interacting with the students.
It is really very interesting since then I wake up in the morning, I get ready very fast to pick my bus. Then I start to think so I will get a seat for me, my friends will give me some space to sit or again I have to select my seat on the bonnet. These thoughts run continuously in every morning in my mind instead of some creative thinking.
This is not the end of thoughts it catches fire when my neighbour starts to sleep and he forced me on every turn of my bus. While I am not safe, sitting without any support at one end. Also, when I start my journey from school to home, still then my bus thoughts dominate the creative process…..
I personally feel that this is not only happening with me it was happening with other bus passengers also. Then I start to think, what I should do to use this time for creative thinking not only for me but others also. How I make this journey tension free for all, then I went into the transport office and met with the In-charge.

Transport Office Manager:

I had asked my transport manager, Sir…can you give me the list of bus passengers who are travelling on my route….he surprised …and said why do you need of it?  I requested to him and said, Sir during my travelling I feel most of the passengers remains worried about the seat in school bus….he/she will get seat or not in the bus, because some guest comes usually into the bus and my bus stops is last one of the route so I don’t get the seat in my school bus.
He was satisfied with my response, and now he asked his office clerk to provide me with the list of the passengers in Bus. I was also satisfied and a ray of hope appears that now I will make a comfortable way for all and tension-free journey. That day I went into the bus with hope, and ask my friends and teachers, please write a seat number of your choice in the list which I had taken from the office, to make the journey comfortable for all.
Some of them fill the number but much more life it blanks, they did not give it importance. But later I did request and tell them this is for our comfort and to save our time which we can use for the creative work.

Sitting arrangement

Everyone filled the number in the list but still some respected teachers were missing, actually, they might think it is useless to work and we are not supposed to be bound with a seat. It was also difficult for me also to explain my situation to them as a student, what I feel and how much I am uncomfortable on the school bus.
But with some confidence, I had requested to them to fill the seat number into the list…they were not ready for this action and said to me…dear you please fill the number accordingly as of your choice. I did not wait, and immediately I fill the numbers there as they were sitting and told everyone these are the seat number for you.
You can imagine, how much comfortable this night was for me …I was thinking that tomorrow I will get a seat on the bus easily and no one will be worried about how much the bus is occupied. My journey will be tension free along with my teachers and friends. I slept peacefully like I have sold my all the horses and there is no work for tomorrow morning.
As usually I get up early in the morning but there was no worry about the bus seat. I was humming a spiritual song and feeling so quiet that day. After taking my breakfast with the slow-motion I reached my bus stop and wait for the bus. When I saw my school bus it appeared to me just like my foot on Mars and imagines it was like a “target” that was completed by me on time. I was just thinking about the bus and my efforts.
The bus stopped near to me with garrrrrrr…..garrrrrr. As the door open of the bus my heartbeats were running so fast, I entered into the bus to take my reserved seat but it was a dream. My respected Madam was seating there and she said, you please take your seat anywhere this is mine…..
I was surprised and shocked too, every eye was looking towards me with sympathy. Today, again there was no option for me except to take the hot seat, a bonnet of “My School Bus”.