what is microphone

Microphone Definition

Microphone is a transducer that transforms the sound energy into electrical signal. Note the point, this is key for any discovery. As I told you that I have started a video lecture series based on physics principle around us. How these basic laws of physics bring the change in engineering and technology.

The basic concept of the longitudinal waves (sound waves) explained with the electrical energy. You will get an idea from these videos of creativity. If you are sensitive to the physics principles you can discover one more product. You will be surprise that a simple science law can change the life.

Also, you will understand the importance of physics and science experiments. How much are they useful in creativity.From this video I have started a series Physics Principle around Me where I will share which physics principle is used to make a particular device. Like here microphone is selected.

This is introductory video and soon you will get in parts with complete details. Second video is based on type of the microphones on the basis of physics principles. The detail of physics principles is explained first in pure form and how one can use that for creating a new product.

Also, an effort to motivate students so they can do more science experiments and understand physics lab role in their life and carrier. If my efforts are in right direction you will definitely get ideas, to create a new product.

Physics Principles Around us Microphone Introduction

Types of Microphone

Dynamic Microphones
Condenser microphones
Ribbon microphones
Crystal Microphones
Electrets Microphones

Video Part-1