If you are worried about taking of your percentage or admission in your choice of course or college, then I have a suggestion for you. Hope you will also be agree with it, if not then please mention the reason where I was wrong to solve or understand the problem. This problem generally comes when students goes for higher studies, +2 to UG and UG to PG or PG to Ph.D to take admission. Students face such problems in their life and many of them comes out easily but some take this one so seriously and as a result they fall into the velly of depression without any cause. They loos all their interest, don’t like to interact with the family members, live alone and remain most of the time in sleeping mode or prefer to lay down on the bed keep darkness all around. They feel irritation from any disturbance.

Here, first of all one have to understand the purpose of the study, that is either from school, college or any other source/medium. Whether you are studying arts, science, commerce, engineering, medical or any interdisciplinary course. In each course you just study the laws, facts, definitions, experiences, theoretical and experimental results, observations, etc of the concerned field written/studied by the experts. You are reading to them because you want to know more about that field, that course, is it not true, yes this is true. So you want to go in a school, college/university or in course/degree because you want to be an expert of that particular field. You want to enhance your skill through that training or by learning that course, also from the other people’s experience. If you know it, then you know the meaning of the study. You have your own interest and obviously you will try to enhance the same. But if you do what the others are doing without thinking your skill/interest and following something which may be or not of your interest, then you will face the problem after completing that course/degree, along with spending the money and time too.

So, if this idea is clear to you than you will be in search that place, where you can develop your skills and be ready for the future purposes and needs. This can be an institute or simple place, a great scientist or simple man, you will not differentiate between them, because you know the capability and expertise of the same. There are many people who don’t went in good institutions and don’t have good percentage but they are source of inspiration of million people. They are expert in their field, they are perfect. The reason is because they strengthen their skills by taking proper training, they did hard work to learn the concept of their fields of interest.

So, my suggestion to those people who thinks that they could not score good, or could not take admission in the good institution, just see carefully their own interests and skills once, then after take the intelligent step towards the future. Learn the things which can enhance your qualities, skills.