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About me

Dr. Sushil Kumar is Associate Professor of Physics; he has received his M.Sc. degree from I.I.T.  Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee) and Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from Panjab University, Chandigarh. His Ph. D. work was concerned with the alpha and cluster-decay studies of various nuclei, from light mass region to super heavy mass region in the nuclear chart.


Research group

Dr. Sushil Kumar has visited the University of Messina, Italy where he has chaired one session in International Symposium based on the Quasifission Process in Heavy Ion Reactions and presented his work also.

University Messina

Dr. Sushil Kumar successfully organized an International Conference on “Recent Trends in Nuclear Physics-2012” with the support of the DST, DAE-BRNS, CSIR, UGC, and INSA. He has also published the conference proceeding in AIP, the USA as an editor.


Presently Dr. Sushil Kumar is an editor of the Physics Journal; “Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation, and Applications”, a refereed and indexed Journal with worldwide reputed Advisory Board and Editorial Board members. The Journal has published many issues and getting a good response from the research community. Recently in June 2014, Dr. Sushil has presented his work at JINR, Dubna, Russia, being a member of first official India-JINR Forum.



about sushil kumar

Dr. Sushil is an active blogger and has a youtube channel where he has covered many physics topics efficiently, a number of video views signify its importance. apni Physics web blog was founded by Dr. Sushil Kumar, for the benefit of students and fellow physicists alike. apni Physics is an effort to create a better platform and also to help the students to be able to have content at their hands whenever they want, online. Dr. Sushil continues to upload his lectures and post articles about latest researches in physics, academic, physics education, and also lessons about daily life and how physics define every aspect of our everyday movement and life.

YouTube Channel

He has guided more than six M. Phil students and was the mentor of one Ph.D. student. Dr. Sushil Kumar gives a talk recently at Nuclear Physics Meet held from June 26-30, 2015 which was organized by Prof. Suresh K. Patra at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar on the occasion of the 40th-year academic celebration of the Institute. In addition to this, he has also delivered an invited talk at the Govt. College, Kathua, Jammu in two days National Conference on “Role of Mathematics and Computer Science in Advancement of Physics-2016” from 26thto 27th February 2016. Dr. Sushil Kumar is a life member of Indian Nuclear Society, India. Dr. Sushil Kumar is an avid researcher and has published his work in renowned international Journals.

Research Highlights: Sushil Kumar arXiv

The cluster–core model for the halo structure of light nuclei at the drip lines

Raj K Gupta1,2Sushil Kumar1M Balasubramaniam1,2G Münzenberg3 and Werner Scheid2

Published 11 March 2002 • Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle PhysicsVolume 28Number 4

The formation and decay of superheavy nuclei produced in 48Ca-induced reactions

Sushil Kumar1M Balasubramaniam1,2Raj K Gupta1,2,3G Münzenberg3 and W Scheid2

Published 21 February 2003 • Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle PhysicsVolume 29Number 4

Structure effects in the region of superheavy elements via the α-decay chain of 293118

Raj K Gupta1,2Sushil Kumar1Rajesh Kumar1M Balasubramaniam1,2 and W Scheid2

Published 17 October 2002 • Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle PhysicsVolume 28Number 11 

Shell closure effects studied via cluster decay in heavy nuclei

Sushil Kumar1Ramna Rani1 and Rajesh Kumar2

Published 7 November 2008 • 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle PhysicsVolume 36Number 1

Decay studies of 288−287115 alpha-decay chains

Sushil Kumar1,3Shagun Thakur2 and Rajesh Kumar2

Published 16 September 2009 • 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle PhysicsVolume 36Number 10

Decay studies of rare-earth nuclei to superheavy elements and the associated shell effects

Sushil Kumar, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 282 (2011) 012015. 1742-6588

Theoretical studies of rare-earth nuclei leading to 50Sn-daughter products and the associated shell effects, Sushil Kumar, Ukrainian Journal of Physics, Vol. 57, No.5, 493 (2012). 0372-400X

α decay chains study for the recently observed superheavy element Z=117 within the isospin cluster model

Sushil Kumar Phys. Rev. C 85, 024320 – Published 27 February 2012

Study of Alpha Decay Chains of Superheavy Nuclei and Magic Number Beyond Z = 82 and N = 126.

Shagun Thakur, Sushil Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Brazilian Journal of Physics, Vol. 43, (2013). 152-161

Extensions of Natural Radioactivity to 4th-Type and of the Periodic Table to Super-heavy Nuclei: Contribution of Raj K Gupta to Cold Nuclear Phenomena.

Bir Bikram Singh, Sushil Kumar, Manoj K. Sharma and S. K. Patra, Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications, Vol.1, No.2, 133, (2014)

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