apniPhysics developing physical concepts through experiments and simulations. I have focused mainly on these two activities by that students learn faster. More than 20 experiments are included here, mostly are for university graduate students. It doesn’t means higher or small classes has been ignored. For them I have tried to use simulations where as it could be possible. These experiments includes basic physical principles, demonstrations along with viva questions. These questions also help to give a new direction of thinking to the students. Recently I have added quizzes for the practices of the relevant topics.

I have prepared the physics video lectures along with text materials. One can find the relevant topic through menu or by searching in to the search box. For any problem or mistake you can email or messages to me directly. I will try to solve your problem as soon as it will be possible. In addition to the physics video lecture some other informative lectures are recorded for the information purposes.Like self-help videos that provide the solution to the students of their day to day life’s problem in classroom and out side.