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Why apniPhysics?

Apni Physics is a platform for the science bsc students and teachers to learn and developing the concepts of Physics via Experiment demonstrations and simulations. I personally prefer to give more focus on creating the visualization of concepts of physics. This can be possible only when the students observe any phenomenon in the real 3-dimensional space. The hands on practice makes it possible with real science experiments and variable dependent simulations like technologies in the labs. Definitely, not only observation/analysis of the experiments helpful to the science bsc students’ learning but also viva, quiz and videos are equally important for any concept of physics, in the physics lab.

apni Physics Approach in BSc:

These approaches mentioned above are appreciated by the students in the classroom, and observed by many other physics teachers. The students learn faster and makes clear understanding of the concerned topic of physics by the observations/analysis of the experiments, simulations, viva and quizzes.

Many Physics experiments and their video demonstration along with quizzes has been included. Efforts are going on regularly to update more content for the bachelor of science degree students (Masters degree, BSc Hons.). The above listed courses of Quantum Mechanics and Special Theory of Relativity cover the basic fundamentals topics.

In addition to academic courses, students observe different psychological situations in their classes. Which they face their self and sometimes the odd environment effects the performance of a student. Looking all those points, many blog posts are focused on those issues. These posts may help one because written based on classroom experience.

Practical Viva Questions BSc

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