Apni Physics

The apni Physics is a platform that developing physical concepts among students with ethics and values through real life Physics experiences and experiments. Mainly, it is focused on experiments demonstration and random quizzes in lectures, these two activities are appreciated by the students and received related concepts much faster. Many experiments are included here for university graduates (Masters degree, M. Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Physics, Engineering Physics). It doesn’t mean small classes of science are ignored. For them, I have tried to use science experiments and simple simulations.

For Students:

The experiments demonstration include basic physical principle & concept, along with the viva questions and detail theoretical development. These questions help to give a new insight and direction of thinking to the students. Recently, quizzes are included in the module for the practices of these experiments and related theoretical topics. The videos are updating in interactive mode so students get involve, test the knowledge and remain focus.

Apni physics video tutorials are available in soft and hard copies forms. One can find the relevant topic through menu navigation or by searching that particular topic(s) into the search box. For any problem or mistake, you can email or leave a message for me through contact us directly. I will try to solve your problem as soon as it will be possible.

In addition to the physics video lectures, some other informative and supportive videos & text are added here. So student not only get familiar with the subject but understand the importance of emotional strength in the life. These self-help videos and articles provide the solution to the students for their day to day’s problem in a classroom and outside the classroom. See the self-help title in blog follow the path for categories, Menu Posts Sidebar Categories Self-help.

For Teachers:

Our children are growing with the fast development of technology, especially mobile technology. Since the childhood, irrespective to social environment they follow the development and use it efficiently rather than any elder one. A child who is using technology for searching the contents or playing with the applications, not suppose to be teach for knowledge by the traditional methods of teaching.

Latest developments in teaching incorporate the traditional methods with technology. One can teach in the classroom by fusing the graphics tablet and projector technology. This results are far better and teacher can use online figures and different color pen along with 3-D pictures to explain the topics.

To judge the topic understanding in the classroom one can ask questions (quiz) and take feedback from the students by mobile, immediate online quiz and responses. So teacher can improve the teaching on the basis of its result that how to deliver topic, if getting not good response.

Not only online or offline quizzes but can make video lessons with interactive videos. If interested to know more or want to learn about the teaching tools and technology visit the technology page. Search the technology title in blog or follow the path for categories, Menu Posts Sidebar Categories Technology.

For Academic Researchers:

These days research has been diluted, one problem extends in 3-4 different journal papers. While it could be concluded in more effective way in a single research paper.  Number of publications and impact factors are for the funding (of so called new research) and job promotions (mainly responsible for it). Knowledge and truth should not be behind the pay wall, this is the right of every individual to get authentic and correct information in the knowledge world.

The idea in research matters and more then this its output. Number of research articles are listing daily in research journals but question is how significant are they for the social-scientific community. If one is collecting the data from machine and/or software or by surveying it doesn’t differentiate the quality of publications or  it importance. The point is, one who giving their efforts for this exercise is aware about to the findings and its application in long term.

A phase has started since last decades to get the Ph.D. degree for the job and promotions, irrespective to know its role and importance. This is all about the government policies which interpreted by people in bad and different ways. Little knowledge of research and publications spoiling the science. The reputed journals, retracting the published research papers of well known institutions’ researchers.

Similar to all others degrees, research is also a phase of training and learning. How to choose objectives, write the article and publish the papers in quality journals. Its not all about the job and promotion its about to understand the truth, authenticity and how transfer the knowledge for all individuals. To know more about the research and publications follow the Research category. Search the research title in blog or follow the path for categories, Menu Posts Sidebar Categories > Editorial research services .