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Apni Physics

Apni Physics is a platform that developing concepts of Physics among the students through real-life Physics experiments and related interactive video lectures. This website approach is focused on science experiments demonstration, quizzes and video lectures of different physics courses. These approaches are appreciated by the students and observed by teachers that students learn and understand fast by the experiments viva and quizzes.

Many Physics experiments and their video demonstration along with quizzes are included here and updating many more for the university graduates (Masters degree, M. Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Physics, Engineering Physics).

In addition to graduate classes,  secondary and senior secondary classes physics course and experiments simulations are used to making physics more interested for the students.

Featured Courses

Engineering Physics

First year course in Engineering & Technology Institutions

Physics Experiments

Graduate physics experiments with viva questions

Classical Mechanics and Theory of Relativity

B. Sc. (Physics) Hons. and regular Ist year course

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

Helpful to Graduate and postgraduate student for basic concepts

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Quiz Tests

Key of learning Testing

We are updating the quiz at the end of each video lectures, so one can test the learning. In some videos, we are inserting the quizzes so video lecture remains interactive.

Physics Experiments

Experiments simulation and live demonstration

All demonstration includes basic principle, detail derivation and viva questions

Physics Courses

Graduate Physics Courses

Informative and interactive video lectures for graduate students (B. Sc. Physics, Hon. Engineering Physics).